Photos: Stripclubs, spices and spokes

Here are some phtos from our trip so far. Will be sure to do a better job of posting them next time.

See if you can work out which caption applies to which photo!!!!

Caption A: Andrew got a tad excited with the massive mountains we had walked up in the morning, and walked down and was cruelly lured into taking out a “free” mountain bike for the afternoon. Unfortunately, the bike had no gears and no brakes, and when he rode into a rock no front wheel either. Consequently, after walking and pushing the bike up the mountain – he had to carry the bike down on the 40 + degree heat. The dude at the hostel then tried to charge him 100Lira = 100 AUD for the front wheel – Andrew took it to the local mechanics and the guy there quoted him 12 Lira – so we paid that and left!!! The rest of us – enjoyed a calming afternoon by the pool.

Caption B: Not sure if you will be bale to read this one – some paragraph about creating sustainable worlds through better living or something – on what was DEFINITELY the entrance to a strip club. Thats Tokyo for you!

Caption C : This is the four of us in Turkey.. we hired scooters and hooned around the deadly turkish roads to the “family” of fairy chimneys – which are not realy fairy chimney but pinnacle things which are everywhere. Here there is supposed to be mum dad and baby but I think we are hiding baby. Totally ruins the whole picture!!!

Caption D: spice markets – loads of spices lined up – unfotunately we couldn’t purchase any becuase no where in turkey can you cook your own bloody food – hence the illness from all except for iron-guts andrew.. even mike succomed for a day or two!!

Caption E: And finally, three of us in Ilhara gorge. Awesome spot – walked 14km along the valley of the gorge with Mike exploring all the houses and churches built into the gorge – telling us which ones were worthwhile climbing up to! Pretty cool stuff.


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