British culture and society is actually quite cool

The Saturday morning after our arrival, Gabrielle was feeling very unwell. It was probably due to some of the food we ate in Turkey, but unfortunately she has had the same symptoms since she got back from a trip to Nepal approximately 3 years ago.

I quickly ran down to the pharmacist to get something to provide her with temporary relief some temporary relief. A later visit to the doctor resulted in some medication that eventually had her insides feeling better than they had for 3 YEARS. Alas, as I write this belated entry about London, her insides are upset again and will not be fixed until she can build up the courage to visit a Doctor in Sweden and get a prescription.

Otherwise. London was great. I literally ran through all the famous sites, either on my own, or trailing behind my capable tour leader Mike. My thonged feet got very black though, presumably just from the general grime that pervades the place, and it highlighted nicely my attractice feet hairs. I was greatly assisted in my speed-viewing of one of the world’s great cities by Reg Salmon’s list of funky, low-key highlights. Thankyou Reg.

Such highlights included a great Vietnamese restaurant (funnily enough also frequented by Ruth adn Mike), piles of great food from the sub-continent spilling out onto Tooting High street, Greenwich, Mudchute, a walk along the Thames, Tate Modern, the vegetarian triangle of cafes and restaurants(Neal’s?), and various artsy, fashion, sorts of things…

My rush through London was partly fuelled by a desire to get down to the town of Bath, where I was able to meet Andre and Tamra (friends/flatmates from Geraldton). Although I only got to see them briefly, I spent an absolutely lovely day wandering the manicured garden, interesting little museums, and cobbled streets between old and famous homes. It gave me a bit of time to reflect on the fact that much about British culture and History is quite impressive and interesting. Something I had sort of intellectually disallowed myself from recognising for a number of years…

I still wouldn’t want to live there though : )


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