Cappadocia (draft)

Overnight bus to Goreme fun! Leave bags at cave. Barter for half a tour to Ilhara. Nice man Davut (David) who owned travel agency. Lunch at Ilhara Poo in the river, upstream of where young boy caught fish. Walk and explore many caves. Slow progress. Then on to churches. Stairs and missed festival. Free water. Strange georgians and dingo hunter.Belisiarma pension and dutch man. Dinner and nice man Biro invited us to party. Thinking about him and life in village. Donkey and boy on bridge. Very tired. Churches, fields, plantations and irrigation. So many good vegie Patches. Goats and sheep on ridges. Tortoises. Lolly shop man in selime. Long wait in Askaray- nice man in pick shop. æ Talking about poo. Ready to party Got ready went to Turkish night. Spoke to people in Kapadokya balloons re: mountain biking. Food and drink. FeZ people on commission Whirling dervishes and wedding ceremony. Cherry juice and vodka and raki Early morning hot air ballooning. Just magic, though 3 out of 4 really wanted to go to the toilet. Singletrack heaven! Went back to hostel and absolutely crashed for a few hours. Gabrielle’s run of poo began… 2or3tines per hour. Mostly water. Went and hired the scooters…rode around pottery and onyx, food in Urgup. Gabrielle very sick, Mike getting better. æ Pretty chillled out though a few close calls. Everyone pretty tired. Gabrielle getting cramps. Sat around back at the hostel.Bus – missed two people and had to go back. Turkish Australian on board was very handy. American guy very sick and had to drop in Ankara at 1am. Otherwise bumpy and sleepless… Jules very helpful re: wages (500 month fez, 10-15 day at restaurant), archeology (Aphrodisias good ) and Turkey in general (lots of national pride, beautiful people). Lazy day markets and photos before flight.


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