What is Art?

Where: Helsinki, Kiasma

This question has been with me for a while… What is art? Has someone got a good definition or explanation they can send me? Hopefully what you can provide says something about context, meaning, intent and audience…

This questioning is prompted by my exposure to local art exhibitions and artists in Geraldton; my increasing interest in, and appreciation of design ; my recent visits to Helsinki (Kiasma) and London (Tate modern) Museums of contemporary art.

I really enjoy the pieces that represent the intersection of activism and urban expression, philosophy and art. These sorts of things prompt a more thoughtful and challenging response than a painting of flowers, but are prettier than a book of text.

A fitting quote to end this short wa/wondering: Bruce Nauman, when considering what sort of art he wanted to produce, and what sort of artist he was, said

If I was an artist and I was in the studio, then whatever I was doing in the studio must be art.”

Well, if we decide to be…aren’t we all?


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