A quick go at reviving an old diary technique: started this on 1st Aug, Finland

* Grungy, mildewy toilets in turkey
* Smoke and grime in the air in london
* Fish markets and smoked, bbq’d, marinated fish everywhere (istanbul, riga, helsinki)
* Body odour: turkish buses, finnish trains, latvian? And probably us everywhere else!!!
* Wonderful, colourful, aromatic spices piled high in the egyptian spice market in Istanbul.
* SCUBA in the finnish bush toilets (only for those who cycled around tasmania).

* Pachinko parlours (gambling using thousands of ball bearings) in tokyo
* The crackling roar of the hot air balloons jets in cappadocia (goreme)
* ‘bir milyun’ = one million lira, from hundreds of street vendors on the shores of the bosphrous (istanbul)
* The occassional splash of fish creating ripples of sound and water on an otherwise long, still twighlight on the waters of linnansaari.
* Very noisy aeroplane tokyo to london

* The yoghurt/mineral water/salt drink in turkey (aksaray)
* The fig/apple/sultana/nut….dessert in istanbul (taksim square).
* Plate-covering servings of heavy, creamy, sauces in tartu, estonia.
* Brilliant Indian cuisine in Tallinn (estonia) – hoorah for a good veggie feed! Spicy chickpea masala and cottage cheese and spinach stuff.
* Fresh raspberries straight off the bush on the side of the trail on linnansaari island. Weren’t game to try the mushrooms though
* Great vietnamese restaurant recommended by two people from opposite sides of the planet.
* Organic, mostly vego, all you can eat lunch in tokyo.
* Turkish delight, great soy coated nut mixes, fresh cherries, honey-sesame coated almonds in turkey. Plus really cheesy pastries..Ä

* Humidity in tokyo
* Sore arms in linnansaari after canoing for three days
* Dry heat in turkey
* Walking barefoot on lush angora, silk, camel hair and wool carpets and kilims in selcuk, turkey.
* Flying through the air on a magical fantasy way to travel, hot air balloon (goreme, turkey
* Stomach cramps before your thirteenth diarrhoea for the day. Fun!

* Why turkey may be competing with aussie wheat growers. Plenty of fields, and modern harvesters working one field while the one next dooe is being harvested using a sickle / scythe and cheap labour
* Women working while men play backgammon and drink tea (turkey)
* Fan-bloody-tastic veggie patches everywhere.


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