Places not to fish: an evolving list.

We’ve seen a lot of people fishing on our travels, usually in what I would have thought was the worst possible spot. WA recreational fishers do not know how good they have it!

Places not to fish:

The Bosphrous strait, which divides the European and Asian halves of Istanbul. It clearly has a high rate of tidal flushing/flow, but not enough to keep it clear of a LOT of rubbish! Everyone seemed to love the fresh fishburgers though.

The Ilhara river (Cappadocia region, Turkey). Anywhere downstream of town, where we witnessed a recently evacuated poo enter the flow.

The moat around the once-walled, medieval city of Riga, Latvia. Scenic, old, functional, but I don’t want to know what any fish would live on…

The Thames!

Places to fish:

Anywhere in Norway. Aquaculture cages everywhere, very short, deep boats, old wooden boats that must still make a buck, etc. Massive fishing fleets in the peak season e.g winter in lofotens.


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