The luxury of a cruise liner – you MUST try it sometime

Sitting on cruise boat is like watching Baraka (if you don’t know what this is, go and ask for it at your video store): these incredible, slow, high quality image drifting across your field of view while you are warm inside a box: protected from the harsh elements.

After our extended period of free camping adventures, this was a dream. A daily routine of ‘nanna naps’ in between vegetating, swedish lessons from the book (which we have discovered too late, is excellent) and watching the scenery drift by: glacial valleys, fishing villages, aquaculture cages, islands everwhere, lingering sunsets silhouetting lonely lighthouses… seemed to suit us just fine.

I did, however, interrupt the sloth by using the ship’s gym a couple of times. I’ve never been to a gym really, but thought maybe I should get in some practice for the cold, dark, nordic winter that I am soon to experience. Really though, I was just trying to do something to try and do something that would justify me eating a meal.

It proved very hard to leave when faced with the prospect of finding somewhere to sleep, drink and go to the toilet. But, we managed to drag ourselves off (at 1am!!!) in Alesund and find a rough, wet, smelly patch of ground under some powerlines on the side of a mountain: we were dirty and wet within an hour of getting off our lovely luxury liner…

In case you don’t recieve hers, I included excerpts of Gabrielle’s group email below:

now, after camping for far too long.. not having access to basic facilities.. i´m sure we looked a treat when we stepped on board… we were overwhelemed by the hospitlaity they provided.this is what you can get here

…..running water…. for free.. whenever you want it; a toilet – also free – also for use whenever you decide; a shower – same thing applies; couches – to sit and yes to be slept on.

(The boat originated not as a curise but as transport for the fisherman.. so being the very equal society that they are.. they think travellers should have the same acecss to facilites such as this boat.. thus you get scrungy backpàckers.. complete with packs and sleeping bags and self catering equipment….. spread out in the loung room of the cruise ship with the old ladies playing bridge and chess. pure genius if you ask me.)

A sun deck.. although god knows why they bothered with this;24 hour bar and cafeteria should you ever get hungry; washing machines with dryers; gym; sauna;and probably more.

i still regret EVER getting off this boat.. although alas.. as usual, most good things come to an end at one stage….. i´m sure we looked far more presentable getting off than on though.. so we have them to thank for this.on top of it all…. and this is pure gold my frineds… here in norway they have an, and i kid you nt, an “accompanying spouse discount”….... andrew got half price becuase he is a student.and bless their souls…but then i was entitled to half price as well becuase i am the ” accompanying spouse” of the person travelling with a discount card. now.. that is pure gold!!!so, we still haven´t done the maths as to how much this cost us in australian money…. but all in all this ship is gold. just gold.

we love norway


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