Hållbar utveckling

The above title is the closest approximation in Swedish to ‘Sustainability’…

With our first assessments out of the way, the dynamics have started to settle down amongst the whole group . The first couple of group assignments, in particular, really felt like they tested our ability to take all the nice principles we talked about in the first few weeks (relating to supporting each others’ learning etc.). No pain, no gain, and the pain of a few style clashes seems to have been dealt with constructively through feedback and evaluation sessions after the groups disbanded. Hopefully the learnings will be applied in our next group asssignments!

I have had my own ups and downs, and have expressed doubts about aspects of what we have been taught: it’s excellent to be in an environment when such feedback is accepted and incorporated so well. In fact, the process of asking the questions, and the way some of my comments and questions (re: interpretation of the precautionary principle, and the way biodiversity/ecosystem-related topics have been covered) have been dealt with, has really strengthened my understanding and commitment to what we are studying…

I have to talk more about what I am studying, because it really, really does interest me. After an intense two days of lectures from one of the key people in this course (Karl-Henrik Robert), a wave of thoughts and emotions washed over me as I sat on the bus to Copenhagen to meet Gabrielle returning from Spain. One of the thoughts thrown out of my whirling brain was that I really LOVE this stuff. I LOVE the environment, the people, the challenge etc. but LOVING it doesn’t mean it is easy…

The next few months, and whole lot more reading, should help me more clearly define the direction in which I can put all my love and effort. I already feel shifts and evolution in the way I am able I define my visions, my long-term views, my principles and goals. I ‘m once again ready to commit and knuckle down in a particular area for an extended period of time. I can’t wait, and don’t have to…

On a lighter, less nerdy note…

The social calendar is still intense, with people drinking, dining, riding and getting away to neighbouring towns almost constantly. The first bout of real rowdiness apparently went down at a party near to the University, and the gossip aftershocks are still reverberating.


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