Sun glasses

For anyone who has never worn coloured glasses, I strongly suggest you get some. Let me explain:

I am currently the proud owner of a very expensive pair of ‘Rudy Project’ sunglasses. They have interchangeable lenses, a dark set, and an orange set. The look a bit silly, but are great for mountain biking, and I’m very grateful to my sister for donating them to me.

It is well and truly autumn up here in Sweden, and every time I go riding I am blown away by how vibrant, warm and amazing all the colours are. Until I peek out from under my sunglasses and realise it is all pretty dull.

Even though I know it is just the glasses, it is still so uplifting! Instead of a little crescent of yellow sun struggling over the horizon in the mornings, I see a sky full of pinks, oranges and reds. The same goes for the fallen leaves that cover the pathways with their fiery oranges and rich reds.

So, I highly recommend getting a pair of rose, orange or yellow glasses and enjoying the wonders of seing with new eyes.

I could extend this idea into some metaphor about how you can change other ‘lenses’ that filter how you perceive the world and yourself, and quote someone famous…but have some other fun things to go and do!


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