A big issue on my mind over the last week has been whether or not I feel engaged. Am I engaged in the discussions and debate amongst my classmates, and peers, family and friends in other parts of the world. My long list of unanswered emails would suggest not.

Over the last few years I have really shifted from someone who was always up with the news, to someone who deliberately tuned out of mainstream media and didn’t pursue opportunities to ‘shove it down people’s throats’ about sustainability. Now though, I feel like all the threads of my thinking, reading and learning have started to come otgether in a way that means I can effectively start to re-engage and have meaningful dialogues with people. I am passionate about the things I am learning about, and am keen to start testing them against the different perspectives and opinions of others in society: if what I am learning here has stood the test of my critical judgement, yet still shone through as remarkably powerful, will it have the same impact on others? Can I succinctly and clearly engage in a dialogue with others to explore these topics and themes? Can I increase not only the awareness of these concerns and potential means of solving the big issues, while at the same time expanding my understanding of others’ legitimate perspectives on what matters to them most?
I think I can, and am ready to start….so here you are: if you have a tough question, a tricky topic, or an article that got you fired up; send it through and let’s see where we can get with it.


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