Straya Day in two feet of fluffy snow

Here’s out Oz Day Invite, don’t mind the snow. We are playing the Hottest 100, recorded into off the web broadcast using the free, open sources, streaming audio recording software: (there are lots of other similar programs – some better, but most have time limits on how long you can record for unless you pay and register)

G’day cobbers,

Owzitgoinmaaaate? Guess you’ve all been flat out like a lizard drinkin’ and your mouths are dry as a dead dingo’s donger – we’ve got just the thing for youse! The only thing that could be better than a cold VB after a hard day’s work…is a whole slab of cold VBs and a fair-dinkum barbie to celebrate…

Australia (Straya) Day!

You may consider the first wadjella/balanda (white-fellas) to land on Oz shores bold adventurers, invaders, or simply scumbag convicts from pommyland (probably whinging the whole time to o), but whoever they were, this was the day they got their first taste of Australian beaches in ‘the lucky country’…and, met the locals who had otherwise been getting along just fine for the previous 50,000+ years.

An invitation to this shindig is attached, as is a dictionary to help you wade through the thick layering of ocker slang that will be flowing from our traps like amber at the pub. Feel free to pass this on to your other mates that ya reckon might be up for it.

Strewth, it’s bonzer to be celebrating the big day OS…even if we are a few lonely bastards stuck way out in woop woop, out the back o’ Bourke! At least there’s no blowies, and the weather will prevent us being confronted by the site of some flamin’ drongo in budgie-smugglers emerging from the local billabong. Bit disappointing that it’s not really the place for eskys or stubbie holders but I guess there’s no chance of ya bevvies gett in’ warm…and for the same reason you’ll have to rug up, ’cause it’ll be mostly an outside event!

Although some of youse may like to go hammer and tongs, as is the traditional way of celebrating, we are guests at the house. So, I trust that none of you will be narky bastards and start a kafufuffle, or get too maggoted – in any case there’s a good chance that we’ll rock on to the Rotundan, where you can cash in ya golden drinking vouchers.

I reckon that’s about it, so make sure you hop on your deadly treadly and come early to have a Captain and get a possie to chilax to watch the inevitable game of tip and run or two-up. No quokka soccer will be played, guaranteed (there’s none of ’em within cooee anyway).

We’ll be supplying some grub (e.g. vego sausage rolls, damper and fairy bread) and softies as per the invite, and the tunes will be the best songs of the year thanks to our ‘Auntie’:

The same ‘Auntie’ also offers a wonderful service that maps the slangof Australia, and will let you search for any words you can’t find in the attached dictionary:

Stoked – this should be a bloody ripper and we’re keen as mustard to see you there!

No wuckin furries,

Andy, Scotty, Richo and Charlotte
Be happy and well


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