Designing the Future

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There is always something happening in London, especially near my work at Spitalfields markets, Brick Lane, and the Old Truman Brewery. Last week there was a Future London exhibition, which was pretty inspirationaland broad in its scope for creating a sustainable London.

This week is a Design Festival is occurring all over the city, but again centred at the Old Truman Brewery. I visited 100% East and flicked through the catalogue of other designers to uncover some creative gems:

Positive Tees. Nice people getting beyond the cynicism and irony that dominates what used to be considered ‘cool’ be covering fair traded t-shirts with positive messages. Weird web presence though..
Artificial turf made from paper for use as a mat or rug. It feels nice underfoot, and I gues can be composted.
– Toast. Burnt with pictures of your choice. 12 by 12 pixels. Oh yeah. I NEEEEED one of these.An absolute highlight.
Furniture and chairs made from polystyrene-like material (EPS). Apparently 100% recyclable (the sustainability of this product requires further investigation, but being made from fossil fuels is not a good start!), and definitely modular and funky.
Packable mattress for homeless people (click on product, then select 2nd from left, top row). Very remiscent of N55, who I just adore – expecially their nicrodwellings, barmobile, soil machines…and all of it!
Moving wallpaper. May make for a more creative workplace or loungeroom?!
Ummm. lots of interesting products. Probably not much to do with sustainabilty! Same with these guys, though I can’t help but think the coffee and cigarettes item has a pretty big market still. Oh, and this, which is nice for your pet and helps keep your household environment ‘clean’, but unlikely to have wider benefits.
– And finally, Interesting looking furniture and lighting, which gets even more intriguing when you realise all of it is based on interpretations of oil spills, climate change and other ecological disasters.Go the Swedes!

So, I like design. Putting ideas into form. Craft-art (crart), design as art…I’m inspired by all these things and enjoy just wandering through the spaces these people create as part of their shows. It makes me feel better about my urge to put coloured patches of material on every piece of clothing I own. junky styling make that (patches and strange alterations) look good like noone else can, and I hope to source more ethical, sustainable clothing from them or their friends as the pressure mounts for me to get a suit and some business-like shirts.

Actually, while I am on textiles, check out these quilts I saw in an exhibition in San Francisco. Absolutely fantastic, and an incredible depth of history behind them. I am making one FOR SURE – all my old clothes that are worn too thin will be turned into something useufl and beautiful 🙂


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