Music: what have I been missing?

LL, UL, Fun Box

Music is quite incredible really, in the way it can affect your state of mind and lift your spirits. I really have not made time to listen to much music for a long time. During university I was so into it: punk, local gigs, and a lot of trance and plastic techno (and even some DrumnBass and Breaks)…taking photos and writing reviews of gigs, then dancing all night.

Then I stopped listening, mainly because (in the words of Custard) I preferred the silence not the sound. And that applied while studying, working, riding, weeding, travelling or whatever – always trying to concentrate on what I was doing ‘right now’, and what was really occuring around me. Perhaps, having proven I can concentrate and handle extended periods of silence, it is time to dive back into sensory overload and lose myself in the energy and vibrations rather than just observe them.

My forays into actually playing music consist of an interest in drumming, and the purchase of a thumb piano (which I absolutely love), maybe Capoeira and now…an interest in full-on dance (click in the centre). This type of energetic embrace of the rhythyms is a good ‘feminine’ ‘dynamic’ complement to the rather ‘masculine’ ‘static’ forms of meditation like Vipassana and Zen. So, it is sure to open me up and stretch me in new ways. I will let you know how it goes!

Sort-or-related, I might try to purchase a new little radio to listen to BBC while commuting to keep up with the news, or download podcasts from ABC Radio National (simply brilliant programs like Background Briefing) or Triple J onto my pocket PC. One new infusion of music into my life has been the almost constant (starting at 7am) Rasta/Reggae beats virating up through the floor of Gabrielle’s house from the Caribbean crew downstairs. I think if I did not finished meditation before they turned on their tunes, it might disturb me more than it currently does!

While on the topic of cultural tunes, a new addition to the Triple J archives is a mix-tape of Swedish music, if you see that as a useful window that wonderful place and its people!



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