Take just-a-minute and reconnect

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During a day participating in a complex simulation exercise (to try and cooperatively, sustainably manage the Florida Everglades) at the Integral Sustainability workshop, a gong was rung at random times. During the couple of minutes between gongs, everyone was invited to take the time to breathe deeply and reconnect with their highest self and spirit. Most of us were already in a state of mind that is rarely achieved during daily life, and this extra encouragement and opportunity was a welcome way to step back into the deepest sense of my ‘self’.

It is not that I came up with good ideas or interventions during that little break, but it certainly created the space in my mind, in the process, and in the room…to reconnect, relax and allow a part of myself emerge that is often buried under so many other layers of thought and activity. During the simulation some divine innovations were born out of this state of mind, and so I want to continue some similar practice in daily life, and there are some cool ways to do it. I guess it is one step on the way to making sure I am mindful, and in touch with my highest self in every moment.

Workrave is quite an elegant and customisable little program, but might not deliver the benefits of an evolved consciousness. What you do with your ‘microbreak’ or ‘break’ is up to you, and strretching your legs may be more your style than howling and drawing on the combined strengths of all your ancestors (though that is equally valid at certain times!).

Just-a-minute do have higher ambitions for that minute, and provide (under the ‘experience’ link) downloadable commentaries to guide through the process of relaxation, concentration, visulaisation, meditation, silence, sharing and connection. I have not really explored their links or downloads yet, and will see how I feel during my few minutes’ break every hour or so first.

A nice thought to start with, and one that I often let drift through my mind before I exercise in the mornings is:

through your feet, or whatever part of you is touching the ground, you are literally able to be in contact with every other person on the planet.

A current of electricity or some other form of power could surge through the earth and arc us all up. It feels good to wriggle my toes, bend my knees and let my weight sink into the earth; and draw on the power of the the oceans, the land, the biosphere and other beings who are able to access the same sensation of grounding and connectedness all over this little blue globe…

Be. Connect. Contribute.

One response to “Take just-a-minute and reconnect

  1. Wow, I have just found a link to an actual gonging clock to faithfully re-create the experience during the simulation. See http://www.mindfulnessdc.org/mindfulclock.html for the mindfulness clock!

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