‘Harbringer of Death’ killed by climate change

LR, Sys

‘Harbinger of death in steep decline’

The frequency with which news stories are tying things back to climate change is overwhelming. This one is particularly haunting given the colloquial name for the Barn Owl here in Britain. It is really sobering news about these poor birds whose numbers are in decline because of rainfall preventing them from hunting. Oh, and 75% of young who don’t survive are killed directly by cars.

I cannot vouch for the certainty of the links to climate change, because natural variations in weather do occur. The trouble is when habitat and numbers are already decimated by other human activities the capacity of natural systems to bounce back is massively diminished. This is the problem worldwide, that the remaining natural ecosystems haven’t the numbers, space, time or resilience to deal with accelerated changes in climate that on their own are orders of magnitude greater than anything we have seen in the last 420,000 years.

If you want more facts and gut-wrenching truth – check out An Inconvenient Truth.

Then ask me what to do about it 🙂



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