Leaving London parties

I had a few leaving events in the diary including a party, a dinner, halloween ‘march of the dead’ and critical mass cycle, and launch of Eastside Consulting’s Foundation. This last event was a real completion of a cycle for me, as my first role in London as an Eastside intern is what more people should have access to as a result of the Foundation’s programmes.

The Sunday afternoon party was aboard the good boat Yoghurt, moored on the Thames. The people who came along were remarkable in being a very large number of MSLS graduates, and a large number of people from Perth. Two quite different phases of my life coming together!

All went well, with the boat impressing many and providing the right mix of spaces for a party – kitchen, sewer-pipe-like sleeping tubes, and loungy area by the fire. Team photographer Rhys capture the evening beautifully, and there are some more images up on facebook or here.

I was grateful for the opportunity to add another few pizzas to the million target , and feel re-inspired about that project which aimed to start a movement of organic pizza baking and kitchen-table conversations about sustainability.

london-6553_s london-6568_s london-6581_s

Alastair, one of the many professional facilitators on-board, convened a circle for everyone to offer me a ‘gift’ of advice, memory, wisdom or appreciation to help me on my way. After some sincere, encouraging and really humbling contributions, it fell to Andrew Wyber to have the last word.  I almost ran away as he started to talk on the subject of me vomiting in his car a decade ago.  But, he somehow managed to turn a story about me vomiting in his car, to one about my selflessness even when at my most drunk, incoherent and helpless as he described my efforts to wash the car with dozens of mouthfulls of water from a nearby raodside tap. A perfect way to end – ensuring that though feeling confident and supported on my trup, I would be encouraged to laugh at myself.

And, it is in that spirit that this blog will continue : )

The dinner  was at Bonnington’s cafe, with more of a work vibe. Bonnington’s does great, cheap food in large servings made by a different cook every night. The cafe is hidden behind Vauxhall station in a former squat. We played a bit of musical chairs to get everyone talking, and all reports suggest it was a great night.

img_0104 img_0106


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