Yoghurt the boat

A couple of months prior to leaving London, I decided the last few weeks should be spent in a transitional state, and accommodation more appropriate to my mood and character than my functional  but heartless East-London flat. There were a few options on offer, but the universe really answered the call in grand style when a friend Alastair spotted a boat for rent, and invited me on board.

Yoghurt, as the boat is called, was (ill-)conceived by some Danish design students, then rescued from rusting away by green architect Bill Dunster. The rise and fall of the tides, rocking motion, lack of internet and initially cold showers very well-simulated a more mobile existence. Yoghurt’s other features include:

  • entrance via an aluminium gangplank whose angles vary between -70 and +70 degrees, depending on the tide
  • morning alarm clock in the form of violent rocking as the first large boats of the morning pass by
  • recycled plastic-bag decking and shower cubicle
  • proximity to abundant supplies of both firewood (vacant block) and food (catering suppliers who throw out their food the day after it’s ‘use-by’date’
  • wood-burning fireplace
  • two double-beds, located in the tubular floats of the catamaran (and thus being bloody freezing)
  • an on-board garden, wormery and barbeque
  • 12 or so neighbouring boats
  • it’s in zone 1 of the London transport network
  • alastair – earth wizard, carpenter, leadership consultant and wise young man

Check out the perfect place to start a big adventure:

img_0019 img_0020

The big black pole is part of  the mooring set up, the four vertical metal posts are in preparation for installation of wind  turbines, and the floatation device is just for looks I think…

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