I like the Eurostar. It is (generally) fast and efficient, and I still have positive associations from two unexpected but appreciated upgrades to first-class in 2006. I highly recommend first-class, but even if you don’t travel first-class I think the train experience facilitates more friendly relations and better conversations than being on a plane. Certainly the transition from London Underground to Eurostar is a lot less hassle than the airports. The actual interior is quite similar to a plane, though roomier and with more accessible toilets and dining car. This time, it was a little slower through the tunnel than the normal due to the recent fires. Then, once in France it was slower again because of a fatality and some signal problems in Paris. This actually meant we arrived about 2.5 hours late. I didn’t mind, as I spent most of the trip sorting through old bits of paper and drawing new mindmaps. There are no powerpoints in second-class as far as I could tell.


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