Everyone in Tehran

This thankyou includes:

  • Mr Mousavi at Firouzeh Hotel,

  • The Firouzeh Hotel staff, including the guy who got up to let us in at 3am,

  • They guy in the little corner shop wedged between the auto-parts shop

  • Young carpet-selling guy featured on page 122 of the Lonely Planet (he said) who we met outside the Bazaar

  • Guys in the Africa Square bus station ticket office who took time to make me aware of the difference between 5000 and 50000 rials

  • Young guy who translated Hameed’s address into Farsi for the taxi driver

  • Said taxi-driver who called to get directions, and walked me to Hameed’s door

  • Two girls who walked up beside us on the street to talk to us about where we were going and why we were here

  • Money-changer who knew he would get no business from me, but knew he could help me find the internet place, and

  • countless others…

Who all, with no prompting, no interest in reward, a graceful style, patient attitude and genuine care either inquired, helped out, or were just amazing. Not one ‘character’ rather a ‘characteristic’ of the Iranian people I think – just amazing.

I wonder how long the list will be for the rest of Iran….


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