Istanbul to Tatvan train

This train was an Eastern-European version of the German train, but with just four beds, and with a powerpoint (though mine wasn’t working). The newly-installed temperature control looked great, but I don’t think it worked to cool, just to heat. The seats and beds were plastic, but with decent cushions. The sheets supplied were the crisp, white, and my favourite so far. Though I did wake with a sore back.

Again, I was the only person in the cabin. This one also had an extra strong luggage rack above the window. I know because I did chin-ups on it. The space between the seats was a bit narrow for push-ups, but I was able to put my hands on the seats themselves rather than the floor, and this worked fine. It seemed to have just the right notches and grooves below the window to hook my feet into (in three different positions) to do my different sit-ups and crunches. I think this train would be disgustingly hot in the summer, but probably fine for winter (though my window didn’t quite close properly). I actually used the dining car on this train, and wasn’t really impressed. They didn’t have most of the menu, and it was over-priced (but not exorbitantly so). They had both squat and throne toilets in each carriage, and a small sink area for brushing teeth / washing.


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