Losing my passport dream

On the train, about 1 hour from the end of the trip, the guard comes to the door of my cabin to say he has lost my passport [note: if you have not slept on trains, the guards and conductors take your passport and tickets while you sleep, then wake you up / hand them back in the morning] He is very apologetic, but I nearly fall to my knees with despair.

The scene continues as I try not to cause a scene, realise how hopeless the situation is, and try to figure out what to do…given that passport has everything I need in it for the whole trip, including visas it has taken me months to pull together.

Anyway, the guard wants some more time to have another look around, and asks me to do him a favour. He wants me to return the passports and tickets to three people. He hands over the documents, and I notice that each of the three people has drawn mindmaps in response to the questions on some very formal visa documents. This fascinates me – I mean, I use mindmaps, but not to answer something as important and formal as a visa document. But, these guys seem to have gotten everything stamped and improved. Very impressive.

Anyway, as I approach these three guys, who are all sitting on the floor in the hallway at the end of the cabin, I find out that they are all geologists. Geologists who use mindmaps! And, they are travelling to do work in China, their company having OK’d them to travel by train rather than plane….

Thoughts from this one:

  • I am, in the dream, able to empathise with the guard losing something so important, because I do similar things quite often e.g watches, jackets. But I am still, obviously, insanely angry.

  • The geologists who do mindmaps and whose corporate employer let them travel by train really challenged some of my own preconceived ideas about roles etc. It made me think about to what degree my own pre-conceived notions actually limit other’s behaviour in my presence.


2 responses to “Losing my passport dream

  1. Did you get your passport back?! Eagerly awaiting the next update… Mel

  2. Hi Mel, luckily this post was about a dream. or maybe I should have called it a nightmare….

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