Munich to Vienna train

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This train was pretty standard German fare – the same style as most of the overnight trains I have taken through northern Europe in the past 3 years. The beds are stacked on either side of the door you enter through, horizontal across the train. They fold away and convert to leave seating room for six. I shared a six-bed couchette with four others, taking the top bunk because I was first in. It was not actually mine, but the later arrivals did not seem to mind as they were ready to sleep and I was doing stuff on my laptop. These couchettes have enough room for luggage up the top. The sheets and pillows are enough such that I sleep well, there are no powerpoints in the couchette. The German conductor noticed my reservation was for the wrong date and charged me another 20Euro. He also forgot to wake me up (they usually take your ticket, then waked you up when your stop is coming up), but was apologetic and gave me a croissant and orange juice for breakfast.


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