Quiet alien attack dream

I am observing the scene from a building or other good vantage point in a city, like London. The sense of time is a few weeks, rather than just one day. What I am seeing is unmanned yellow helicopters with dark tinted windows hovering near all the high points in the city landscape. Soon after hovering nearby, whatever the top part of the structure is (e.g. Bell tower, top floors of a building) is destroyed, crumbling and falling to the streets below. The rersult is a city with no good ‘high points’.

No-one else in the city seems to be concerned. Although everyone was curious when it started, the military investigated, tried to stop the helicopters but coudn’t. So, without being able to do anything about it, everyone sort of continues on their daily lives.

The other strange phenomena, is that there is an increasing number of lizard people (think ‘V’, or the crocodiles from fear and loathing in las vegas) amongst the population. But most ‘normal’ people don’t see that they are lizards.

Anyway, there is this overwhelming sense that most people are sleep walking: a) oblivious to the reality that there are lizard people amongst them and b) not understanding the significance of all the high points in the city being destroyed.

My interpretation (as the perceptive and panicked central character) is that a) the lizards are aliens who are invading b) they are going to wipe out humans by attacking the cities, but also by melting the ice caps so the sea level rises and the only remaining high points in the cities are uninhabitable. But no-one else gets it. Oh my God, we are all going to die!!!

That’s how it ends.

And, what I noticed from that dream is the mix of conscious interpretation of what I dreamt, but also the unconscious parts that just appeared to me. e.g. I was semi-conscious of the interpretations I was making about the yellow helicopter and lizard people.


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