Bossy lady on the Quetta-Lahore train

A woman I judged to be in her late-40s walked onto our carriage at the first stop. She was well-dressed, and so looked a little out-of-place. I don’t think she had a place in our compartment, but with a few stern words displaced some of the children from the seats below me (I was perched on the upper sleeper). This started an argument with the mother of the five children, who legitimately had tickets for them all. This didn’t phase the new woman, who I sense judged her greater wealth permitted her to boss others around. She moved to the adjacent compartment, and did a similar thing.

Later in the night, I saw that she had somehow ended up on a sleeper bed. The next morning she even had a go at me. I had given someone else a sleep in my bed while I stood at the door, and she wouldn’t have it. I think she was just bitter because she got moved from the bed she took. I don’t think anyone in the whole place liked her, and she spoiled the otherwise nice vibe.


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