[part of a series of posts on my carbon footprint:]

My low-carbon efforts this year were not undertaken alone. I had joined my local local ‘Carbon Rationing Action Group’. This CRAG, like many others, was formed by local people wanting to support each other in reducing their personal contribution to enhanced climate change. We met initially, calculated our footprints, then set a shared target for reduction that was based on the target reductions we are aiming for as a society. For our group, this worked out as just over 6 tonnes for the first year.

We also had good chats at the pub each month ; ) I was particularly inspired by Rachel, Oli, Lisa and Fearghal’s efforts in their own lives and work, and grateful to their support.

The CRAG initiative is entirely volunteer-run, but is in alignment with frameworks like the Centre for Alternative Technology‘s ‘Tradeable Energy Quotients’, the RSA’s own ‘Carbon Limited’ initiative, and the UK Government’s trial of personal carbon credit cards.

It is worth noting that our CRAG was exceptional in that we decided to include food in our calculations, as this is a big factor that we can make choices about. I don’t think my food choices have actually changed that much as a result. Though, it did reinforce come existing behhaviours e.g. getting a local organic vegie box.


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