Navdanya – personal insights

These are some of the things I noticed or realised during the days at Navdanya:

  • It was quite easy for me to stay very focused for long periods of time. I think it has been a while since I have been in a classroom environment, but I am quite happily surprised that I still can concentrate so well. I think the food, environment, morning yoga and meditation, interesting content all contributed to me being able to sit enthralled for hours at a time!


  • I was really struck by how attached and stuck I am to all my models and tools. They are so wildly useful and seem to have a positive effect on many that I introduce them to (e.g. other participants on the course), but it is such a temptation to respond in conversation with a framework or tool that may address the question that concerns them.

  • I think this plays out as a small manifestation of my own challenge in knowing how to combine (or choose), both a deeper listing and also offering practical advice. The practical advice will satisfy people’s needs at the level at which they have them, but the act of listening deeper and responding from emptiness and wisdom is likely to have a more consciousness-expanding effect. The former seems more useful, but the latter may well be actually more useful. Both seems best. Reflecting on my own journey, I am thoroughly glad that people introduced me to tools and concepts that were appropriate to my level of acting and thinking, but also will never forget those who have asked questions or interacted with me in a way that forced me to reconsider my paradigms. The easy way out of this is to make what I am saying and doing explicit in the conversations, as much as possible.

  • I should also perhaps relax, and not get too concerned that every interaction should be used as an opportunity to expand my own and others consciousneess. But, that is increasingly becoming the perspective that I continually revert to. Even in the midst of getting pissed off at others mindless questions where they seek answers from a ‘guru’ that they hope will do the work for them, I now almost always am aware of that emotion, and able to investigate what it is in me that is causing that to emerge.

  • Actually, the act of just writing this, and trying to articulate this brings to mind the very nature of our dualistic existence. Behind every question is a seeking that I too am participating in. All this seeking constantly distracting us from actually being. That insight goes all the way down and all the way up…!

  • Plus, I had many more insights not at all attributable or related to the course, but emerging from the subsequent days of focused meditation…

One response to “Navdanya – personal insights

  1. haha, only an australian could juxtapose a statement about expanding consciousness with getting “pissed off” at idiots

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