Mangy dogs – on the inside?

Often in India it is not clear if animals or people are dead or alive. I was first struck by this in Amritsar, where someone (alive?) was lying dead straight under a fly-covered blanket in the middle of an overpass footbridge.

This made me wonder what the experience of these asleep/dead/unbelievably disformed/badly injured people and animals is like. Do they want to die? Are they tired of life and just need to sleep?

As this questions hung in mind, I looked at one more mangy dog – all it’s fur gone from it’s back half – and was struck again about how my superficiality was probably letting me down.

Just looking at outward appearances can be a good guide to health and happiness of the possessor of the carcass, but I also wonder how many well-dressed, seemingly awake professional people in London or Sydney are actually dead inside, or mangy, disgusting flea-bitten, bleeding, roaming around wounded and wanting to die inside?


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