Pedal-rickshaws in India

Within cities, I often tried to get these rather than the default auto-rickshaws. They obviously pollute less, are cheaper, and I just like them. They are, however, most frequently steered and powered by skinny old guys, and who literally have to stand one-footed on the pedal nearly every stroke to leverage all their weight to get the crank to spin. They are always in flip-flops, meaning power transmission is relatively inefficient and must be uncomfortable. I always have this overwhelming desire to

a) ride the thing myself to give them a break

b) fit some better pedals and give them stiff shoes

c) buy them a decent seat

d) change the gear ratio so they can ‘spin’ instead of blow their knees out with so much effort on every stroke

e) punch the idiots who get in their way and force them to brake and lose so much hard-won momentum ; )


One response to “Pedal-rickshaws in India

  1. i love this entry mate. 🙂

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