Dream of roaring silence

This morning, I awoke very confused, multiple conversations about many arrangements with friends which change and where talking only confused things more.

Then, sort of day-dreamed between 13:30 and 16:30.

Walking down a deserted beach. Far down the line a woman walks from the water and cartwheels towards her towel, back to me. I get closer, we look into each other’s eyes and all thoughts and expectations evaporate. We turn to the sea together, smiling at the setting sun…then we turn back to towards the land and walk together.

No words are spoken. All I can hear is the roar of reality as it is, directly experienced, as words, thoughts, feelings evaporate in the heat of surrender. And so it remains. We travel, arrive in Australia, our existence completely synchronised and wordless, never speaking. All engagements, requests, interactions with others are resolved through spontaneous realisation of ‘other’ about what they need to do: a strange situation where neither party is reading each other’s minds but just knows from Big Mind.

I then sat up, turned, and that very second my alarm rings….

What if I were to do this experiment? Commit to being silent for.. a year? Surrender all interactions and actions to fate and possibility? Placing myself in front of people and all they could do is guess what you want – a guess that is probably right, but a guess at an option they think someone in this state might want – a direct reflection of their own state and perceptions.

I just…might…do it.


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