Update from Batam, Indonesia

A quick note whilst hunched in darkness in a internet-gaming centre in the quite unpleasant town of Nagoya, on Batam, Indonesia.

After delays attrbituble to poor planning, desire to do it right (i.e. upload photos), and the impenetrable internet-firewall of the Chinese government, I have updated much of my blog.

The posts are updated to halfway through China, the route description is complete all the way home, the Google Map is 80% there, and the photo album is also only a few days behind.

My online time has recently been devoted to

* planning the three-day retreat during Hallbarhet2009, which I am very excited about,

* updating pages on the Arising site, and LinkedIn, so I am professionally up-to-date,

* making arrangements to connect with old and new friends in Australia, and

* planning how to complete my journey, after roads have been washed away in northern Australia, and trains have been booked out. I am now spending Australia Day in Darwin, then catching the train to Adelaide, and bus to Sydney (via Melbourne) to make it in time  for the start of the sustainability learning journey. Then, it will be back on the train from Melbourne across to Perth when I’ll finish up on the 21st February.

In the real world, I have also:

* finally gotten sick. Yes, I think it was actually a mocha chocollito from a Starbucks-like coffee shop in Singapore (for $6, and just so I could use their WiFi) that gave me awful stomach cramps,  forced me to take some of the medicine I have been carrying this whole way, and led to me induce vomiting.  It had to happen, and Callan Walker could not have been a nicer host while I was weak  and lame. Who would have guessed it would happen there, and not the local water or streetside food I have been drinking and eating this whole time

* started to really crystallise what I want to work on in Australia,  who with and where (Geraldton!!),

* loved Laos, quite enjoyed Bangkok, found a few surprises in Georgetown (Padang), and am getting bloody excited about going for a surf in Bali,

* not been writing so much. I have, however, sorted out three or so years of mindmaps, notes, and other bits of work. I actually feel really good as things start sliding into a bit more work, and

* checking out Rhys’s blog (great travel photos and writing) and downloading podcast episodes of ‘The Night Air’, ‘Big Ideas‘ (e.g. a new podcast on eating our native flora and fauna) and ‘Background Briefing’ from ABC Radio National site. I can do all this whilst waiting for all these damn photos to upload to WordPress!

Actually, the act of updating the blog has actually got me re-excited about some of the more considered posts which didn’t make it up yet. Some of the new updates are pretty standard-fare, and  don’t share much of the depth of my experiences and insights into culture, nature, and the world. So, I have a few days on ferrys and buses to hopefully polish some of those.

Alright, off to the ferry!


One response to “Update from Batam, Indonesia

  1. gerro hey? i guess you know what you’re getting yourself into!

    i will quite probably be in a walkabout for australia day, wearing my retro cricket tshirt and drinking some australian beer (hopefully not fosters or vb :shudder:)

    i’m tipping kings of leon for the #1 song in the hottest 100, btw.

    crazy to think you’re almost back in australia, andy. whaddya mean we won’t be dashing off to amsterdam anytime soon?

    ps: how was the surf?

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