The Size of Reality

Sitting on a motorbike, being ridden back from Uluwatu (Bali), I had one of those extended moments of unselfconscious, blissful contemplation.In this case it was on the sheer size of reality. All of it. Just trying to comprehend the literally unimaginable scale and extent of the reality (or dream) we live in. Like our planet, billions of different people, billions of plants, ants, leaves, worms, animals, tiles, stones, bits of twisted iron, mobile phones…then you start thinking about the stars and everything out there…then if that’s not enough you can start to think about the interiors of everything – the billions of thoughts that go through each individual’s mind in their time in this body, multiplied by billions of people, multiplied by thousands of generations, added to the experience, reactions and impulses of every other non-sentient being. It is all quite, quite, large and dwelling in amazement is something that could take up a long time.

Lucky I was only a passenger…


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