Carbon Offsets

There are many sites and organisation you can use offset your carbon footprint.

While I have used different ones in the past, for 2008-2009 I decided to offset my combined personal and business offsets with Climate Friendly. For 8 tonnes (my total was 7.5 tonnes) it cost me a bit over $200AUD.

In this report, Climate Friendly were ranked as one of the best in Australia.

I highly recommend reading that report if you are in Australia and considering offsets. The authors contacted all known providers and reviewed and ranked those that responded. If organisations did not respond, you have to wonder why not. The criteria the authors used to rank those that did are very sound,  and I support the advice they give. For example:

  • reduce your footprint first!
  • ask for details about what you are paying for e.g. what projects
  • choose offsets that are independently accredited
  • choose offsets that are based on prevention (e.g. energy efficiency)

The organisations and individuals who worked on the report are highly credible.

But, offsets themselves are problematic, and the cheatneutral site and youtube video is a very funny look at why. It’s based on the analagous idea of offsetting ‘cheating’ in relationships ; )


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