Final 2008-2009 Carbon Footprint

I am now settled in Geraldton, Western Australia and have done the calculations on my final carbon footprint from April 2008 to April 2009.

My target was to get it down to 6 tonnes, which was a target my fellow CRAGers and I all agreed to.

My actual carbon footprint was 7543kg!

[This is a combined total for all my work and personal activities, which is slightly different from most people’s calculations that are purely personal.]

The numerous trans-Australia train trips in the last-month added a few hundred kilograms, as I actually traveled 1.5 times the distance in Australia  by train as I had done the whole way from London to Darwin!

It’s a bit disappointing that I didn’t get the overall footprint lower, but think it is still a significant improvement from the previous year’s total of 19533kg, and puts me well below the average despite having traveled a lot.

2009-10 should be relatively free of travel, I will be pretty much vegan, in control of the water and energy usage of my house, and living 5 mins from everywhere by bike…so will see if I can get below 5 tonnes. Which is still incredibly far from the 2.2 tonnes that would be my fair share!

Considering I have now offset my footprint, I guess you could say my footprint is zero…but we all know offsets are a little flawed.

You can see the details of my calculations here: Custom calculator_Actual 2008-2009_ao


One response to “Final 2008-2009 Carbon Footprint

  1. Jasmine Molloy

    Congratulation’s Andrew you have done a spectacular job in reducing your carbon footprint through you actions listed above. If only there were more people in the world as dedicated as you to reducing their own carbon footprint. Hopefully as the world is made more aware of the effects of climate change and global warming people may consider reducing their own carbon footprint.

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