I am a 30 year old Australian, returning from Europe to Australia (mostly) overland. I have lived in Karlskrona, Sweden for one year, then London, UK for two and a half years. Though initially returning to Sydney to participate in the ‘Hallbarhet2009’ conference, I will be eventually returning to Western Australia.

Normally, I would lead with a description of my work, but you can read about that here. ‘Work’ is pretty important to me though, as it is about the sustainability of communities, society and ultimately the earth. It, and I, can be quite serious.  I mean, it is important to me to become more conscious, meaning I meditate, am engaged in an ongoing inquiry into ‘who I am’ and ‘what I am here to do’, and engage with others on a similar path. And, one thing I am increasingly conscious of is how being serious all the time can get a bit boring, is not really engaging, and is not conducive to creativity, getting along with others, and generating positive change!

So, while I am travelling this way for a number of serious reasons, it should be fun too! Some of the reasons for the overland route include:

  • reducing the environmental cost (ecological footprint) of my travel,

  • experiment with a different (more fun and poetic?) way of being and interacting,

  • as a more appropriate and ‘learningful’ means of making my transition and endings/beginnings,

  • more things can happen that surprise and delight me, but also probably make me sick and scared.

If that taste of the muddy waters who I am and what I am doing intrigues, infuriates or  resonates with you, please dive in to the posts.


2 responses to “About

  1. I want simply to give voice to the inspiration that you are, your journey and your descent provides me. I am preparing to welcome you in Delhi for surprise and delight!

  2. Hey Andrew,

    While I am by no means able to keep up with your trip or the depth in this blog, I am thinking about you along the way. I hope you are having a good time trying not to be serious. Love to know how that goes for you!

    And remember…every descent is a first descent. Carve well my friend.


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