I have, at this stage, a few projects for this trip. I’m actually not sure still having ‘projects’ while travelling is a good thing, but I am trying to maximise the value I generate whilst cruising across the planet. This question actually goes very deep for me: to what degree I am attached to ‘action’ and whether that actually prevents me making a deeper impact…but that’s for future posts!

So, here are some of the projects to keep me occupied. There will be posts tagged with related words coming soon…

  • Dance in every country. This was Alastair’s idea, and seems like a pretty simple task. And one that I have already failed at (sorry – I slept and read through Bulgaria!).
  • Unfold some questions. Flipping over a new ‘Unfolding Card’ every two days, and engaging locals, the landscape and whatever else is around in considering the questions posed  by the cards is part of my training to be a facilitator of this wonderful tool for transformation.
  • Write 500 words a day. This was going to be 1000, in line with the ‘National Novel Writing Month‘, but that was stressing me out a bit so I pulled it back to 500. And it is not going to be a novel, but you might see the outcomes here, on the Arising site, and in future publications.
  • Be both still and active. I will write about this in more spiritual terms, but basically I am intending to maintain daily meditation ‘practice’ and exercise (sit-ups, push-ups etc). This has gone quite well so far, proving small spaces, rattling and jolting can be all be overcome if my intention is clear.
  • Maintain this blog. This includes taking photos, and posting them for all to see.
  • Learn Mandarin. The best I can – I have a bit of free time in China to get into this a bit more intensively.
  • Investigate my dreams. I don’t remember many of my dreams. I would like to be more conscious of what is going on there in my unconscious. So, will be reporting back from never-never land.

I also, perhaps obviously, will be reflecting quite a lot, and considering who I want to work with, doing what, and how I want to live my life. I mean, that is a whole massive project really, and really starts to make me question what this whole ‘project’ focus is, and if having too  many projects is just diluting the clarity of my intention…hmmmm.

There were some other projects, but experience (and friends) tell me it’s best to let them drop a bit:

  • Learning to sing, to improve the flexiblity in my tone of voice.
  • Do some ecological good along the way, like pick up thousands of pieces of rubbish. This was primarily inspired by the coolest art project I have ever seen.
  • Review all the notes, mindmaps, tools and work I have done over the past 3 years and share what is useful with others.
  • Learn the long-form of Chen-style Tai Chi.

Note: Now being back in Australia, I can tell you that:

  • I did dance
  • I did unfold cards
  • I did spend at least 3 stints of 3-4 days meditating, and exercised almost every day – push-ups, sit-ups, skipping etc.
  • I am proud of this blog and felt I met my writing targets
  • My Farsi, Urdu, Mandarin, and Indonesian were pretty good at times, but I can’t say I learned the languages
  • I did avoid producing rubbish, and was amazed at how little you can produce when eating at street-side stalls all the time! But, I didn’t pick up that much.
  • I did review a lot of stuff, plan and do some report-writing and other work e.g. for and
  • I didn’t do Tai Chi that much, but did do some yoga and am right into it again now!

One response to “Projects

  1. wow! I’m pretty impressed…….! and quite drunk as well…:)
    but honestly I really do hope I will meet you in few years time Andrew! You will have quite a lot to talk about ..I guess..

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