I’m interested in exploring dreams, because I know I have them, but have not really remembered many over the past few years. As part of becoming more conscious, being more aware of my dreams seems an important thing that is not necessarily addressed by meditation (in my experience anyway).

It is only one step further step from a materialist perspective to a psychological perspective to then start validating the world of un/semi-conscious imagination is ‘real’. It well may be just one step further to then start treating past life regression experiences as also real…but that one’s not for me yet! And….actually I will stop there before I start talking too much about where we put our attention determining what is real, and whether it’s all a dream anyway!

Dreams. While at a jumble sale in the Cable Street Community gardens I saw a dream book by Stephen La Berge, and read it. It is very simple, accompanied by a CD, and just outlines some basic things you can do to start being more systematic about recalling your dreams, and taking steps towards actually being conscious while you are dreaming (Lucid dreaming). While I started to be more systematic about my engagement with dreams a few times and created a little journal next to my bed. But it was one project too many and did not last – I prioritised meditation and exercise in the mornings. But, if I remain open to it this trip, and have more time to dwell on things in the morning and evening, then dream recall, and become Lucid I will.

Search the posts or use the tag cloud to read about some of my dreams…


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